Economics: Books and the Authors

To understand economics better, there are various books with different authors. These books are the compilation of many theories and studies about economics. Everything about economics is explained in detail in these books. The following is a list of books about economics. Below is an infographic about how the global economy played out in 2015.

The Wealth of Nations. This book was written by Adam Smith. He was not just a writer but also an economist and philosopher. This book is a combination of his studies or ideas about economics and t was originally published in 1776. In his book, he mentioned about the cause or issues about the wealth of nations.

Principles of Economics. A lot of author also write about the principles of economics. This book mentioned here was written by N. Gregory Mankiw and originally published in 1997. This is a good reference for research about the principles of economics.

The Uncover Economist. It was originally published in 2005 and written by Tim Harford. Details about the principles of economics are mentioned and also about the supply and demand. If you are having your research regarding economics, this book is right for you.

Basic Economics: A Citizen’s Guide to the Economy. This book was written by Thomas Sowell and originally published in 2000. If you want to understand economics better, then you may read this book.

Economics for Dummies. If you want to know about the famous economists and the branches of economics, then please read this book. Your knowledge about economics will not be limited. Everything about economics is explained in this book. It was originally published in 2005 and written by Sean Masaki Flynn.