The positive reasons why you should become an economists

Many people do not want to be economists because they do not want to be involved in a complex matter that is not concentrated only on one thing but it covers a broad idea and of things that maybe hard to understand. Economics is not just one and fixed topic but it is one that can talk about almost anything that is relevant to what is happening in the world in the local setting or on the international level. Let us see the attached video.

Here they explained in their own understanding after what they have done and undergone. Basing on their experience they have shared what should be done and what an economist should be. If you will see what has happened then you would understand what they are saying. The economists learn numbers aside from facts about what is happening to this country and the whole world. They combine all together so they can make predictions. If they have gathered the data and have understood it they should have made a move.

That is why one of the interviewees said that everyone should be humble and accept that they do not know everything just as doctors do not know how to treat all the disease. In the same way, it should be a continuous learning and to share and be open to the views of others and be bold to make a move for the goodness of the whole world as one affect each other.