The Importance of Economics

Every discipline which is being studied all over the world is very important. Among those discipline is economics. We can never disregard this matter. Economics help an individual about his decisions regarding our resources which is limited. It is also related to scarcity or lack of resources which is the greatest problem of economics and those who study it.There are three important things to consider in economics. The questions what, how, and whom? First, it is very important to know “what to produce”.

What to produce?¬†Producers always put into mind about the products which they must produce. In other words, what are the products that the consumers need the most? Since our resources is limited, producers always think for ways so that their products will always be available and to avoid “out of stock” products.

How to produce? Producers must think of ways regarding the production of consumer needs. They can think about the implementation of rules and regulations before a product is to be produced.

For whom to produce? It is about your target market. If you want to gain a higher profit, who will be your target market or customers? Will you produce for the customers with the highest income in the society? Or, will you produce for those who are looking for affordable products or items? If you are a producer, think wisely and take considerations for your future customers.


As a wise producer, think about the daily necessities of your customers. For sure, customers will always look for the things which they need the most.